The Last Broadcast (feat. Shannon Farmer) – Daisy

Most music reflects the era it was released in, or the era it was inspired by. But some music has a more timeless feeling to it. The Last Broadcastโ€™s debut single Daisy is such a song.

The Last Broadcast is the band of front man Kyle McGurk and drummer Paolo Lombardo. They call it โ€˜a coming of age projectโ€™ and โ€˜a vehicle to navigate the rocky transition from youth to adulthoodโ€™. On the one hand, their lyrics often contain an element of doubt. On the other hand however, resolve comes in the form of sunny melodies and big choruses. The band is influenced by โ€˜90s and โ€˜00s acts like New Radicals, John Mayer and David Gray, and contemporaries such as Wolf Alice.

On the surface, The Last Broadcastโ€™s first single Daisy sounds like an upbeat song with a certain melancholy. This is largely caused by the rollicking drums and uplifting piano melody, while featuring mournful horns at the same time. But underneath this, the track wrestles with grief, trauma, love and validation. The song was written as early as 2018, but it underwent a remarkable transformation under producer Ryan Pinsonโ€™s guidance. The final version also features guest vocals from Shannon Farmer, the front woman of alt-pop band Dame. This takes it to the next level.

A wonderful debut!

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