The Lighthouse – Tel Aviv

Last November, Belgian band The Lighthouse scored a Carte Blanche Music Wildcard with their single Catch Fire. Now, three months on, they drop another dose of instant happiness.

Tel Aviv is telling the classic β€˜the grass is greener on the other side of the fence’-story, where a woman is obsessed by an ad for Tel Aviv and desperately wants to go there to escape her everyday life. Not realizing that there’s more going on in the region than palm-tree beaches. The lyrics are written from both the man’s and the woman’s point of view, so the song takes you along on her energetic, uplifting dream-holiday and his incomprehension of her sudden urges.

Ahead of their upcoming debut album, which is expected in September, The Lighthouse will slowly drop some new tracks. Tel Aviv is the second, and already makes curious for the third!

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