The Nectars – Heaven

Breaking out of the suburbs of New Jersey, four-piece The Nectars – consisting of Jessica Kenny (lead vocals), Jon Paul (bass, vocals), Mike Montalbano (drums, vocals), and Michael Baron (guitar, vocals) – have created a style that’s edgy, energetic and full of attitude. Think a mix of late 80’s indie-popstars Transvision Vamp and early No Doubt.

Heaven is The Nectars’ debut single. β€œIt’s is a song that talks about finding strength in the freedom that comes along with ridding yourself of toxicity”, says Kenny. β€œSometimes we get so deep down in a negative situation that we stop seeing the beauty around us, the β€˜Heaven’. I hope listeners can relate and connect to this concept and let it act as a reminder that it’s never too late to free yourself and start living the life you want and deserve!”

The Nectars are currently working on their debut album, which will be coming out next summer.


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