The New Nostalgia – Fragile Bones

The New Nostalgia are a London-based rock band, whose UK-born lead singer Patrick McCallion is currently living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. That’s also where they played their sold out debut show, which was met with praise. The band are currently playing venues and festivals across the UK and the Netherlands. How about that for a quartet (including James Sands, Sam Bramhall and Charley Adey), whose first single is only out since this week?

Fragile Bones is a reflective song about the post-university haze that many twenty-somethings find themselves in. McCallion says: β€‹β€œIt’s a song about getting home after an embarrassing night of heavy drinking and having a talk with yourself about life in the bathroom mirror. I think a lot of people in their early twenties start to realise that when their parents were their age they had careers, houses and kids. You realise that you’re still essentially living the same way that you did when you were a student and it hits you over the head like a tonne of bricks.”

The explosive single is taken from their debut album which is currently being recorded and due for release later this year.

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