The New Shining – Thief

Life isn’t all joy and pleasure. It never has been, by the way. Yet, only the last years more and more artists share their darker sides. That’s great, for openness can create more understanding.

Dutch singer and guitarist Xander Stok has been dealing with depression for over 20 years now. Music, whether it’s writing or making it, has always been his medicine to keep sane amidst increasing insanity. That’s why the just released album of his band The New Shining is called Antidote. The record is dedicated to depression awareness.

It’s Xander’s passion to give a voice to the invisibles, the people living with a mental illness. Therefore, the album features songs of comfort and pain, hope and defeat, truth and deceit, struggle and victory, light and darkness, poison and Antidote.

Thief is The New Shining’s new single. A dark track with impressive synths, a beautiful drum sound and great guitars during the epic end part.

The band have this to say about Thief: β€œDepression robs you of joy, steals what makes you ‘You’ and casts a shadow over your life. It poisons everything you are, feel and do. Just like when people you love, you trust, betray you and take advantage of you. It’s traumatising. Beware of the thief that comes to steal and destroy….”

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