The Night Ships – Half The World

In 2014 and 2015, Dutch musician Rob Nakken travelled around the world. Everywhere he came, he recorded music with local musicians. Since then, he is putting the pieces together like a puzzle and releases the resulting songs under the moniker The Night Ships. This is basically a duo, consisting of Nakken and Australian singer Ingrid Giles.

The Night Ships’ new single Half The World features a bass part recorded in South Africa, and the sitar, tar and percussion were recorded in Iran. You’ll also hear a choir of singers from the Netherlands, United States, Canada, Uruguay, France, England and Ireland, and a violinist from Chile. Indeed, β€˜half the world’ appears to be contributing to this song. World music in the most literal sense.

The lyrics of this track are a call to action to women (and men) in all countries to stand up against violence, oppression and discrimination that women face every day as half of the world’s inhabitants. It calls upon equal rights, opportunity and status. All of these ingredients make for a song that’s not only great, but extremely up-to-date as well.


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