The Parrots – You Work All Day And Then You Die

Dos. Wouldnโ€™t that be an appropriate title for the sophomore album of a Spanish band? The Parrots sure think so. Their new long-player is scheduled for release on 29 October. The duo from Madrid, made up of Diego Garcรญa and Alex de Lucas, recorded most of the album in the UK in the second half of 2019. It was produced by Tom Furse of The Horrors fame. Because of lockdown, it ended up getting finished in their hometown with Harto Rodriguez.

Following the C. Tangana collaboration Maldito, album opener You Work All Day And Then You Die is The Parrotsโ€™ new single. Itโ€™s a rather straightforward rock song with touches of krautrock, but one of huge proportions. The title may not exactly be optimistic, but the song manages to sound epic and uplifting nevertheless. Thatโ€™s in large part the result of added synths, that add a euphoric layer to the track.

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