The Proclaimers – You Make Me Happy

Itโ€™s 31 years ago we first heard from the identical Scottish twin brothers Charlie and Craig Reid. Their debut album This Is The Story contained the instantly likeable (Gerry Rafferty-produced) single Letter From America, which was followed by other folk pop gems like Iโ€™m Gonna Be (500 Miles), and Letโ€™s Get Married.

By now, the twins are 56, and they tirelessly continue to make the world a little bit better through their music. Their new album Angry Cyclist is their eleventh to date. My favourite track off it is an instant singalong: the bruising, direct and driving Celtic belter You Make Me Happy, where the brothers sing of achieving a state of romantic bliss so potent it has the ability to eradicate all of lifeโ€™s inherent negativity. Itโ€™s not an official single (yet), but a fan compiled his own video for it, and did a great job!

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