The Radar Station – Face Full Of Lines

2020 should have been The Radar Station’s year. They started the year winning radio station Studio Brussel’s talent program β€˜De Nieuwe Lichting 2020’. Their prize: airplay and professional coaching throughout the year.Β Well-timed, for they had just finished recording their debut album. And a tour in support of that album had been plotted as well. Needless to remind you of what happened right after their victory…

Despite the unforeseen situation, the Belgian band did release their album. Unable to tour, they supported it with quite a few singles. Four of them, so far. All of them strong songs, that provided them with much-needed airplay. Not only on StuBru (as promised), but also on other stations.

Closing this chapter, The Radar Station now release the fifth and last single of their album: Face Full Of Lines. They have this to say about it: β€œThe song’s lyrics are a plea for freedom of sexual orientation. This message is underlined by a dark and impressive tune which takes you to an apocalyptic future where homophobia reigns. The story in fact drew inspiration from an article about software that can determine sexual orientation just by analysing pictures, and the potential danger if it is used by authoritarian regimes and the like. The song was written a year or two ago, but unfortunately it’s more relevant than ever. Last week Russia formally banned same-sex marriages and adoption by transgender people.”

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