The Ramona Flowers feat. Nile Rodgers – Up All Night

Since the last time I suggested there’s something in the water in Bristol, the number of great artists from the city had only grown. The Ramona Flowers aren’t a new band though. They released their debut EP Dismantle in 2012. But I believe their finest moment has yet to come, and they just released the track that might accomplish that.

Up All Night is the band’s first release in three years’ time. It’s an anthemic, up-tempo song with stadium-size horn elements, beautiful strings and of course Nile Rodgers‘ signature funky guitar licks.

“Essentially, it’s a song about my love of a good party and the fact I seem to somehow always be the last one to want to leave. Have there been occasions where I should have gone home for an early night? Absolutely! But that’s just not in my make up and life’s too short to worry about tomorrow too much…”, comments the band’s front man Steve Bird.

Nile Rodgers says about the collaboration: “It’s possible that I’ve made more music during the pandemic than at any other time in my life and almost all of it remotely. In the early dark days of this crisis this song made me feel good and put a smile on my face so when the band asked me to play and produce on it, it was a delight to say yes.”

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