The Rills – World Leader

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The Rills are a British rock band, inspired by the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Libertines. They used the past two years to grow their online following. Quite successfully so, for their joke-filled TikTok account now counts no less than 4 million likes.

The trio (singer/guitarist Mitchell Spencer, bassist Callum Warner-Webb and drummer Mason Cassar) will release their debut EP Do It Differently on 6 May. Ahead of that, they put out their energetic new single World Leader. It sees the band pointing their fingers towards the stuffy, political gatekeepers of the world in an ironic fashion.

Spencer calls it โ€˜an ironic bashing of modern politicsโ€™. He adds: โ€œItโ€™s a stab at our modern political figures, the way we digest media and the way voters express their views online.โ€

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