The Struts – Body Talks

The Struts are a glam-influenced band from Derby, England, whose frontman Luke Spiller has the same amount bravado as talent. The latter doesnโ€™t apply for every singer with a lot of bravado, so he does get away with it. And he does so easily, because he writes tunes in an over the top, retro-fetishist, classic rock style, that brings the fun back in rock. In that respect, Spiller has more in common with a young Freddie Mercury than his looks only.

Kiss This set the wheels in motion for the band, followed by Put Your Hands Up and the debut album Everybody Wants. Since then, they relocated to Los Angeles and started working on their next album.

Body Talks is the new single off it. Spiller calls it โ€˜a fully charged blues dance rock anthem that will have you moving across the room and straight onto the dance floor. Complete with some of the best guitars riffs of the past 10 years and guess what? This is only the beginningโ€™.

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