The Treble – No Secrets (There For You)

You may have noticed – and it’s hardly a secret – I’m very much into Australian and Canadian music lately. These are two of the largest countries on the globe, although most popular music comes from Great-Britain or the US. Hopefully, I can help you discover some great talent from elsewhere!

The text above could be shortened to β€˜no secrets (there for you)’ πŸ˜‰

The Treble are a rock band from Winnipeg, Canada. Their second album Rivals includes previous singles Saturday Night, Fix Of You and All The People, plus five new tracks. One of those, No Secrets (There For You), is the band’s new single. If you like Carte Blanche Music favourites The Snuts, you’re sure to like this one!

This blog is all about the music, but please let me point you to the track’s self-produced video as well. It features shot-for-shot remakes of the band’s favourite videos from the ’80s. A whopping 45 of them, including clips from a-ha, Talking Heads, Nena and George Michael. β€œWe had started the project pre-quarantine, but thankfully the concept made it something we could continue during the lockdown”, The Treble explain.


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