The Vamps – Married In Vegas

In 2014, Brad Simpson, Connor Ball, Tristan Evans and James McVey released their debut album Meet The Vamps. It went multi-platinum. Since then, the band put out two more albums (and various expanded editions of each), and continuously toured. A year ago, they were halfway recording their fourth full-length album. However, they decided to scrap all of the finished tracks and start from scratch.

The songs they recorded from that point on are collected on Cherry Blossom, to be released on 16 October. This title signifies a rebirth or rejuvenation, and that’s what this album feels like for the band.

The Vamps were done recording earlier this year and sent the completed work to their label. Shortly after however, in a session that took only a few hours, they wrote Married In Vegas and added it to the album.

Built around distorted drums, a bar piano and a killer chorus, it’s a banger of a track and a great way to introduce the album.

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