The Vanns – Feels Good Now

Australian artists are on a roll. I could easily write about Aussi acts only. Here’s another uplifting track from down under which I love, by South Coast band The Vanns. Feels Good Now is their second new track since releasing their debut album Through The Walls in 2019. Following a melancholic opening minute it bursts open wide with playful drum patterns, electric guitars, and a groovy bass.

They’re saving the best for last however. The song’s long outro has a truly nostalgic β€˜70s sound. Lead guitarist Cameron Little explains: β€œThe song was originally meant to finish with a fade out, but we were having too much fun playing it for it to end so soon. We wrote (and I use that term loosely) the jam at the end of the song at the last minute, before we got in the studio and tracked it.”

He continues: β€œThematically, Feels Good Now is about taking a risk on something that you feel needs to change in your life despite any anxieties, apprehensions, and reasons why you tell yourself you shouldn’t; and actually pulling it off and feeling all the better for it.”

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