The Vices – In And Out

To international music lovers, the Northern Dutch city of Groningen is probably best-known for its yearly showcase festival ESNS. One of the reasons for the organisers to choose Groningen for their event, was its versatile climate for music. Inge van Calkar and The Vices are only two recent acts to hail from the city.

The Vices are an indie pop-rock band, who hit the ground running in 2019. That year only, they supported Yungblud and Feeder, played ESNS (obviously) and 25 shows as part of traveling festival Popronde. Their music is best described as the love child of Cage The Elephant and The Strokes, with a hint of surf.

So far, the band released two EP’s: Life Grows and Good Morning City, Now Let Me Sleep…, but their debut album is on its way. Looking For Faces is set to be released on 12 March 2021, but lead single In And Out is out now. Catchy and tuneful, it’s a tasty mix of indie-pop, surf and guitar-rock. Talking about tasty… to promote the song, they brewed their own In And Out Blond Beer. Cheers!

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