The Wannadies – Can’t Kill The Musikk

The Wannadies are a swindie (Swedish indie) band from Skellefteå. They were very successful in the UK for a few years, following their 1995 breakthrough single You And Me Song. It was one of very few songs by non-British bands that made an impression on Britpop lovers in Great Britain. It’s still a cult classic and a favourite tune at many a wedding.

18 years after their last album Before & After, The Wannadies make a surprise return with the joyful new single Can’t Kill The Musikk. They started working on the song in 2002 as part of the recording sessions for their next album. Alas, they broke up before it was finished.

18 September, Before & After will be re-released on vinyl. The first run (500 pieces) comes with a bonus 7”. This contains the recently finished Can’t Kill The Musikk, and a live recording of My Home Town, appropriately recorded in Skellefteå.

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