Thunder Fox – Head In The Clouds

Fans of Thunder Fox will agree itโ€™s about time the Sydney quintet released their third album. Well, the wait is almost over. The long-player, Sanctuary, will be out on 18 November. Meanwhile, the band put out the albumโ€™s opening track Head In The Clouds as their new single. An exciting cocktail of musical styles, the song mixes pop, funk and R&B. But it all starts with a heavenly slice of gospel. Elsewhere, we hear intoxicating rhythms, triumphant horns and blissful, soulful vocals.

โ€œIf Thunder Fox is known for anything, itโ€™s being able to avoid taking things too seriously,โ€ says vocalist and guitarist Sam Dawes. โ€œHead in The Clouds came to me in a blue dream on one of those hot nights where your brain feels sticky. I think the lyrics are self-explanatory, so I wonโ€™t provide an in depth analysis. The point is, we wanted to open the album with some fun and familiarity before shit got real.โ€

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