Tones & I – Bad Child

Let’s skip the introduction, shall we? I mean, the word ‘epic’ doesn’t even begin to describe what kind of year 2019 was for Tones & I. How often does it happen that an artist’s debut single becomes the biggest hit of the year? Worldwide!?! Dance Monkey was exactly that, and racked up more than 1,2 billion streams on Spotify alone.

In its slipstream, follow-up single Never Seen The Rain became a hit as well. Now Toni Watson (her real name) doubles her chances for a third hit. The Australian singer-songwriter just released two songs simultaneously: poppy tune Bad Child and ballad Can’t Be Happy All The Time. These are her first new tracks since 2019’s The Kids Are Coming EP.

Bad Child is my favourite among the two. Impressive how it’s already recognizable as a trademark Tones & I song. It begins with “My family always said I was the bad child, throwing me away into the bad pile”, but mind you, this is not autobiographical. The sad, seemingly introspective lyrics are based on a heart-breaking story of a friend, which she simply brought to life.

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