treesreach – How It Seems

Dillon Rairdin and Riley Thurm met in the fall of 2010 in their hometown of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They started playing acoustic shows as Live Broadcast. In 2014, drummer Luke Long joined the band. The trio played bars in and around Iowa, quickly cultivating a small but loyal fanbase. In 2017, they changed their name to treesreach. Their first full-length release, in January 2018, was the double album Some Night You Will Hear Me Crowing. Influences ranged from Fleet Foxes to Pink Floyd, and from Radiohead to Simon & Garfunkel or even Built To Spill.

That was then, but this is now. How it Seems is treesreach’s first release of 2022, and it displays a new direction for the band. It moves away from the lush, overdub-heavy sonic landscapes of previous releases, into a dynamic and passionate new rock setting.

Songwriter Dillon Rairdin calls it β€˜a song for The Great Resignation – for all the people who just want to leave their mind-numbing jobs, drive away, and never come back’. He explains: β€œThe song encapsulates the mindset I was in just before I quit my desk job. How sick I was of it, yet how trapped I felt. And, after playing the song for some people, I soon found out I wasn’t the only one feeling this way.”

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