Triggerfinger – Flesh Tight

Belgian rock band Triggerfinger was founded in 1998 and became a live staple ever since. In 2012, they crossed over to the charts with a fun cover of Lykke Liโ€™s I Follow Rivers, that was originally played as a gimmicky contribution to a radio show. Unexpectedly, popular demand made the gimmick Triggerfingerโ€™s only hit to date, although the song is far from representative of the bandโ€™s trade mark sound. If you want to know how they really sound, go to a Triggerfinger concert (the bandโ€™s natural habitat). Expect hard, bluesy stoner rock, comparable with Queens Of The Stone Age and Led Zeppelin.

Their new single could give the band a shot at their second hit. Flesh Tight sounds like the younger brother of Roxy Musicโ€™s Virginia Plain and David Bowieโ€™s Boys Keep Swinging. Itโ€™s a plain swinging track, so to speakโ€ฆ


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