Troi Irons – She Loves Me Not

If you like K.Flay’s music as much as I do, you’re sure to like Troi Irons as well. This is a woman who knows what she wants. Most of all, she want to be in control of everything she does. It’s her who decides how you see her, but more important: she won’t let anyone else decide how she sees herself. In order to establish that, she’s a true DIY artist. She writes and produces her own songs and even shoots all of her photos.

Irons was named after the famed city of Troy in Turkey. Being the daughter of Eddie Irons (the drummer of funk-rock band Brick) and singer-songwriter Anne G., she grew up in a musical household. Apart from that, she’s interested in (and has a degree in) psychology. Irons isn’t afraid to acknowledge she’s autistic herself, and why should she?

After a few musical collaborations with the likes of Australian DJ Will Sparks, Finnish duo Tom & Hills, and Lupe Fiasco, she landed a record deal with Def Jam in 2016. However, looking for more creative freedom, she left the label after just one EP.

Fast Forward to 2021, She Loves Me Not is Troi Irons’ new single. A strong and overtly honest alt-rock track with ‘90s and ‘00s inspired guitars. Her distinctive voice ranges from passionate whispers to powerful notes. Confident, in her own special way, she sings: ‘I want me enough for the both of us’.

A few years ago, Troi said in an interview: “If you have real music, people will listen. It doesn’t matter if they know who you are or not.” You may not know Irons or her music (yet), but give it a chance. She, her songs and the stories behind them are worth it.

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