Trunky Juno – Daddy’s Gone For Cigarettes

Remember Jamaica’s 2010 single I Think I Like U2? You don’t? Go be ashamed of yourself! One of the things that made it such a big tune were the phased guitars. I guess I haven’t heard any of those since then. BUT: here’s another track with phased guitars, and once again it’s a big tune. I’d say there must be a causal relationship…

I’m talking about Trunky Juno’s new single Daddy’s Gone For Cigarettes. Trunky who? Let me tell you a little secret: he’ll also turn his head when you call him Mark Owens. After releasing his first single Small Town in 2019, he collected his subsequent singles on the EP Too Many Teeth.

Daddy’s Gone For Cigarettes is an all-new track, his first of 2021. It’s about wanting to escape reality for a little while – or maybe even forever. A very relatable subject nowadays. The artist explains: “Sometimes we all feel like going out to buy cigarettes and never coming home. Escaping reality by shaving your head and moving to a farm in the Outer Hebrides. Or maybe just turning your phone off for a few days. I loved the phrase ‘Daddy’s gone for cigarettes’ so much and decided to write a track around it. It took a really long time to get it right, but I hope the message is one the average anxious millennial cowboy/cowgirl out there can enjoy.”

With this track, Trunky Juno continues his exploration of lo-fi bedroom pop, but injects it with a healthy dose of Americana, while adding a gigantic hook. In that respect, I’ll go as far as comparing Daddy’s Gone For Cigarettes with Beck’s Loser, which was a huge (radio) hit. Hopefully my friends at radio will tune in to this one as well. And if they don’t, we’ll have to stream the hell out of it ourselves, don’t we?

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