Twin Peaks – Dance Through It

In the early β€˜90s, I was a huge fan of Twins Peaks, the TV series by David Lynch. Some 20 years later, I started being a huge fan of Twin Peaks, the band from Chicago. Their latest studio album dates back to 2016, but the group will release their fourth full length, Lookout Low, in September. It has been produced by Ethan Johns (Kings Of Leon, Ryan Adams and Counting Crows, among many others).

Dance Through It, one of Twin Peaks’ smoothest and sultry tracks yet, is the album’s first single. It is said to have started off as a demo that sounded like a Sheryl Crow song, but along the way, it grew into a tune with a soulful vibe. It fully comes to life in the final minute, when a few more horns inject some extra spirit.

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