Tyne-James Organ – Hold Me Back

When Tyne-James Organ started his career, only a few years ago, he was a surfer-songwriter from the Australian NSW South Coast. By now, he’s grown into a fully-formed front man with swagger and a powerful voice. The 24-year-old doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve. In late 2017, he first gained attention in his homeland with the release of the single Watch You Go. Its lyrics contained a detailed account of the death of his father Rikki,Β a year before.Β Now, he’s back with another deeply personal single, his first since the release of his debut EP Persevere in 2019.

Hold Me Back is a raw track, inspired by him experiencing an act of misogyny in a Melbourne night club. He explains: β€œOn a night out with friends, I witnessed a confronting and horrible incident of harassment against one of the female friends I was with. Seeing my friend be assaulted like that and seeing how it affected her really shocked me. We confronted the perpetrator and got him barred from the club. But knowing that so many women go through this experience, I just couldn’t shake the sense of anger within me. This song was written shortly after that awful night. (…) Men need to stop treating women like this. It’s not OK, and it’s not good enough to turn a blind eye.”

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