Uncle Frank – Ku Ku Nu

After 2015’s Maximum Respect and 2016’s Fountains, this year The Fun Lovin’ Criminal’s drummer Frank Benbini and his mate Naim Cortazzi came up with the album Love Lion, containing both singles. To celebrate the release, Uncle Frank put out not one, but two new singles: Love Lion and Tokyo.

After four singles, the album isn’t done yet, because there’s more great music where these are coming from. Today, I give you Ku Ku Nu. A funky slice of pop that deserves to be a future single!

Naim tells Carte Blanche Music about the track: “Ku Ku Nu is a song about putting someone on a pedestal and dreaming about all the things you could be for them… After years of touring with Happy Mondays, me and Frank wanted to write a song as a homage to the Madchester/shoe gazer sound of the early ’90s, I think we did a decent job! I remember listening to endless Northern Soul and Motown tunes on The Happy Mondays tour bus around America and watching Wattstax soundtrack on repeat, I guess it was second nature recording a song like Ku Ku Nu years later.”


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