Uncle Frank – Love Lion / Tokyo

Frank Benbini is The Fun Lovin’ Criminal’s drummer, but their schedule leaves him enough time to have his own band as well. He and Naim Cortazzi are the heart of Uncle Frank. Both multi-instrumentalists and producers, both fond of funk and soul. And that shows in their music. It’s tight but swinging, hard-hitting but feel-good, and always full of hooks and grooves.

If you’re new to Uncle Frank, you should definitely check 2015’s Maximum Respect and 2016’s Fountains as a reference. If you already know what they’re about, you’d better read on. For this new single is twice as much fun as their earlier songs, as it has a double A-side. For the digital hipsters out there: that means both songs are equally good and therefore equally important. All killers, no fillers. Uncle Frank knows how to not disappoint their fans.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Love Lion (the title track off their upcoming album, scheduled for release in March) and Tokyo!


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