Van Echelpoel – Ziet Em Duun

Some tracks take a little more time to sink in than others. This is one of them. But I presume that if that’s the case with me, it might be the same with you. And above all: it’s never too late to introduce you to a good piece of music.

I already mentioned this one yesterday, when it entered the European Border Breakers Chart. Van Echelpoel is a Belgian hip hop duo that’s singing in a Flemish dialect. A dialect that is so different to Dutch, that even people from the Netherlands can hardly understand it. But music is a universal language, and rather than about the lyrics, this track is about its pounding beat and its tremendous drive.

If you like Yello, you’ll like Ziet Em Duun by Van Echelpoel. If you don’t like Yello, you’ll like it as well. Come on, don’t be shy, try it!


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