Vant – Best Friends

The last, say, ten years, radio has been changing more rapidly than ever before. Thank (or blame) the arrival of streaming and other alternative ways of discovering music for that. But radio used to be slow business, which may make it hard sometimes to them to accept (and adopt to) new realities. In this changing environment, music directors like artists to stay true to themselves. In other words: to continue doing what they did, thus providing some sort of stability, music-wise.

However, artists are creative people, who like to re-invent themselves from time to time. Personally, I love them for that.

Take Mattie Vant, for example. The first incarnation of his band Vant was a pure rock outfit. A few years later, older and wiser however, he decided to surround himself with other musicians and infuse his songs with electronic elements. This resulted in his second album Conceived In The Sky, which already features four singles. The fifth one, Best Friends, should be a no brainer for radio. It’s mid-tempo, and has a vocal melody as sweet as honey. With guitars providing an edge to the track, this is as pop as Vant will ever be.

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