Vant – Propaganda Machine

After forming in 2014, Mattie Vant and his band Vant appeared to be off to a good start. Great rock singles like Fly-By Alien and Karma Seeker led to the release of their debut album Dumb Blood in 2017, and that summer, they played the main stage of many a renowned festival. But then, just before the release of the EP Talk Like Thunder, the band announced they were taking an ‘indefinite hiatus’.

During that hiatus, Mattie re-invented himself and decided upon a new, more electronic musical direction. He explains: “If I had wanted to keep making straight-up ballsy rock music for the rest of my life, I could have kept that incarnation of Vant going forever. But once I stumbled upon the song Propaganda Machine, I knew there was no turning back, I’d have to start from the bottom and prove myself once again.”

This pivotal song, Propaganda Machine, is the new single of the new Vant. A self-released track (on Mattie’s own imprint Dumb Blood Records), which showcases the man’s new course. If you like what you hear, you’ll be glad to know a new album, Conceived In The Sky, it on its way.

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