Videoclub – Enfance 80

Although AdΓ¨le CastillonΒ and Matthieu Reynaud were born early this century, their music is firmly rooted in the 1980s. The couple’s electro-pop songs combine a youthful innocence with grown-up elements from the French chanson tradition. But their fun, colourful and romantic videos are equally important. Logical, for a duo that is named Videoclub. This way, each of their releases so far formed a clever package. All in all, these two are inevitably destined for stardom.

Their new single Enfance 80 is another classic French pop song. They manage to combine full-on β€˜80s influences with modern production into a timeless masterpiece. The animated video, including cassettes, roller skates and video games, is an ode to the β€˜80s in itself. Glamourous stuff!

Videoclub are currently working on their debut album. I can’t wait!

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