Virgins At Heart – Show Me

Virgins At Heart are a Stockholm-based indie-pop band, consisting of Gustav RosΓ©n (bass, vocals), Anders NordstrΓΆm (guitars, vocals), Johan Bjurling (keys, vocals), and Jonas Tyrestad (drums, vocals). Bjurling is also the main producer. Although the quartet have been playing together since the early 2000s, they started to record β€˜in a more serious fashion’ only recently. Their debut album 2 2 Tango wasn’t released until 2016.

Since then, the band has gone in overdrive. Second album Safety Lagoon came out earlier this year, along with three single to help promote it. Only two weeks ago, brand-new track Miseryproof saw the light. Hot on the heels of that song’s video, they now follow-up with Show Me. An energetic tune with an unmistakable β€˜80s vibe and a catchy chorus. Keep an eye (or better: an ear) on them!

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