Voyou – Seul Sur Ton Tandem

One of the countries whose artists feature regularly on Carte Blanche Music is France. In my opinion thereโ€™s a fresh wind blowing throught the French music scene, with lots of new artists demanding their place in the spotlights. Entreprise, the label that brought us acts like Fishbach and Bagarre before, has such a new artist lined up.

Thibaud Vanhooland, who was in the bands Pรฉgase, Elephanz, and Rhum For Pauline earlier in his career, has gone solo using the stage name Voyou. His music is French both in style and in language, but donโ€™t let that hold you back. Itโ€™s as beautiful as itโ€™s simple.

Seul Sur Ton Tandem (โ€˜alone on your tandemโ€™) is the first single off Voyouโ€™s second EP, that will follow in January 2018.


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