Wallows – OK

Wallows are an indie band from Los Angeles, comprised of Dylan Minnette,ย Braeden Lemastersย andย Cole Preston. A year after their debut album Nothing Happens, they drop a brand-new single: OK. It adds a fresh edge to their fuzzy, alt-rock sound. However, the fact it sounds more poppy than the bandโ€™s earlier output, is counterbalanced with elements like a heavily-distorted bridge.

โ€œOK is a song about insecurities in a relationship,โ€ they explain, โ€œhaving a hard time accepting something that feels โ€˜too good to be trueโ€™, but overall learning to embrace it and accept the love youโ€™re receiving and focusing on returning it. Now, given the state of the world and the health crisis we happen to be in at the time of the songโ€™s release, we feel like the main line/hook of the song, โ€˜Can we get up and try to feel okay again?โ€™, sort of takes on a new meaning/purpose itself for people at this moment in time.โ€

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