Washington – Dark Parts

Born in Papua New Guinea, Megan Alexanda Washington is an Australia based artist. And a very versatile one as such. Starting as a jazz vocalist, her style gradually shifted to indie pop-rock. In recent years, she also did TED Talks and lent her voice to a cartoon character.

But now, she’s back at what she does best: music. 28 August, her new album will see the light. Dark Parts is the first single off it. A great pop track, but not too easy to dance to, with its ⅞ rhythm. I love the orchestral hits, which add an ‘80s flavour to the modern production. The track was co-produced by Sam Dixon (Sia, Adele) and Konstantin Kersting (The Jungle Giants, Tones and I). The music video was hand drawn by Washington herself, featuring various animated characters from the track in a vertical format.

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