Werner’s Weekly (week 10)

It’s impossible for me to write about all good music that comes out each week. So I must make a selection for this blog. With a few exceptions to the rule, I usually choose brand new artists to feature on Carte Blanche Music, tracks that you probably haven’t heard yet, and that would run the risk of passing by unnoticed if I wouldn’t place them on a pedestal.

But there is so much more… Thankfully, there is Spotify. My Carte Blanche Music playlist has enough room to feature all great new tracks that appear each week. Not only by brand new acts, but also by more established artists like Little Steven, Bush, Lorde, DJ Premier, Di-Rect and Spoon. All of them great acts, with great new songs. Subscribe to that playlist and you’ll never miss any good new music anymore. Promised!

Which brings me to this week’s alphabetically sorted list of my most highly recommended tracks: Werner’s Weekly (which you can subscribe to as well, of course). Listen to these eight songs via the Werner’s Weekly player in the sidebar and read my recommendations by clicking the links.


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