Werner’s Weekly (week 13)

On Sunday evenings, when you presumably finish your weekend with a nice glass of wine, a relaxing playlist or a good book (or all three of them), I make hard choices. What songs that made my container playlist Carte Blanche Music last week, deserve to be in my alphabetically sorted ‘best of the best’ playlist Werner’s Weekly?

The hardest part is not putting songs in the list, but taking songs out. In the end, each week I’m very proud of the result. This time as well. It’s as varied as ever. A damn fine selection of brand new music, if I may say so myself ?. Follow both playlists to never miss out.

You can listen to the songs by clicking the Werner’s Weekly player in the sidebar. The links below take you to my short and snappy commentaries on each track.

Apart from the selection above, I added great tracks by Circa Waves feat. Pvris, The Cranberries, Lizzo and Depeche Mode (and many more) to my daily updated Carte Blanche Music playlist. Sounds like an interesting list to follow if you’d ask me… (but hey, it’s a free world!)


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