Werner’s Weekly (week 15)

If you like diversity (and musical diversity in particular), I kindly recommend you to subscribe to the Carte Blanche Music playlist on Spotify; a constantly updated playlist with only the best new music, regardless of genre. Just three months in, 2017 has already produced 17 hours’ worth of great tracks. Only the last week, I added brand new songs by Aimee Mann, Yelle, The Charlatans, Beth Ditto, Jamiroquai and many more.

And then there is Werner’s Weekly, my hand-picked, alphabetically ordered selection of the very best of my recommendations that I published here last week. Where ‘the very best’ is not a description of my prose of course, but of the music that it’s about. If you trust my judgement (and why would you not? ?) that’s the playlist for you to subscribe to.

If you continue reading, you’ll find Werner’s Weekly of this Monday. The audio is to be enjoyed via the Spotify player in the sidebar, the accompanying texts via the links. Have fun!


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