Werner’s Weekly (week 2)

2018 wasn’t exactly off to a slow start for new music. My container playlist Carte Blanche Music, which I will update daily with the best tracks of the year in the next 12 months, already contains 21 songs; over 70 minutes of ear catching music. Well-known artists like Simple Minds, Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club, Joan As Police Woman and The Vaccines are there, but you can also discover acts like Kumisolo, Banfi and Freak.

This year, I’ll continue to start the working week with a recap of the best tracks that surfaced in the past week. If you don’t have time to visit this blog each day, Werner’s Weekly is your compass to the music that matters. It features the latest two Carte Blanche Music Wildcards, followed by an alphabetical list of other highlights. Through the links you can read my original recommendations and you can listen to all the tracks via the Werner’s Weekly player in the sidebar. Happy discovery!


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