Werner’s Weekly (week 23)

While I was on vacation, I continued to update my Carte Blanche Music playlist with the best new music of the year so far. The past three weeks, I added over 80 fresh tunes. The last week alone, great new songs by artists like Ash, Dave Matthews Band, James Arthur, The Kooks, Turin Brakes and Underworld feat. Iggy Pop joined this ever-growing list of musical treasures, alongside a host of lesser-known acts, that are waiting for you to be discovered.

Below, you’ll find my personal choices: Werner’s Weekly. First up are the Carte Blanche Music Wildcards of the past two weeks, followed by a selection of favourite new tunes, presented in alphabetical order. As always, Werner’s Weekly is meant to be your compass to the music that matters. Listen to all the songs via the dedicated player in the sidebar and get more information through the links below. Enjoy!

For more great new music follow the constantly updated Carte Blanche Music playlist.


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