Werner’s Weekly (week 29)

Summers used to be slow-moving as far as new music was concerned, but that has changed in recent years. Why would you wait to release your great new track until after the holidays, when all other artists release their great new tracks as well? Radio and streaming playlists (or listeners in general) are in need of good content the whole year round. No wonder then, that I could add new music from the likes of The Allergies, Arcade Hearts and Foster The People to my 2017 container playlist Carte Blanche Music last week.

Each Monday morning, I put my personal recommendations out of all new releases in Werner’s Weekly, an alphabetically sorted playlist, kicking off with the Carte Blanche Music Wildcards of this and last week. It’s in full below. Follow the links for more information and listen to the songs via the Werner’s Weekly player in the sidebar!


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