Werner’s Weekly (week 35)

In my Carte Blanche Music playlist I keep you up to speed with the best new music that was released this year, so far. Mind you: it doesn’t pretend to give you a full overview of all new releases. On the contrary, I only present you with great new songs. In other words: following my list saves you a lot of time browsing numerous other playlists and listening to songs you probably don’t like… #tipoftheweek 😉

Last week, I added the likes of Dubstar, Plain White T’s, Rea Garvey, Smallpools & The Aces, and Villagers to my container playlist. But if 14 additions are too much for you (no offence), below you’ll find Werner’s Weekly, your compass to the music that matters. If you’re only looking for the best of the best, here they are, alphabetically ordered and preceded by the two latest Wildcards:

As usual, clicking the links provides you with extra information (both serious and fun facts), and you can listen to all seven of the songs via the Werner’s Weekly player in the sidebar. Enjoy!

For more great new music, follow the constantly updated Carte Blanche Music playlist.


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