Werner’s Weekly (week 37)

It looks like one of the results of the popularity of streaming is that more new music is being released than ever before. Streaming being a worldwide phenomenon, more and more artists want to take a shot at stardom, even if it was only at a ‘one hit wonder‘ level.

In my Carte Blanche Music container playlist I collect what I think are the best tracks in any genre. Last week I added Beck, Dangers Of The Sea and Stereophonics, to name but a few of the better-known artists. But I added even more (as yet) unknown bands, that are just as much worthy of your attention. They may be the megastars of the future. If you’re curious, just follow that playlist and I’ll keep you updated on a day to day basis.

My ‘best of the best’ playlist is called Werner’s Weekly. Needless to say you can follow that one as well. The latest example of my cherry picking is below. You can listen to each of these tracks through the Werner’s Weekly player in the sidebar and if you want to know more about a song, just click the link for additional information.


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