Werner’s Weekly (week 42)

Do you love new music, but don’t you have the time to find it? Have a radio show and like suggestions what to play? Have your playlist ready, but need some additional information about the bands? A fellow blogger who could use some inspiration? Carte Blanche Music is a one-stop shop for everyone who is actively involved in new music, as well as anyone who just likes to know the best music that has just come out.

The information is presented in three ways. Choose for yourself which suits you best, depending on the amount of time (or curiosity ? ) you have:

  • my daily updated Spotify playlist Carte Blanche Music (a must-follow if you don’t want to miss a thing; added this week: Bad Sounds, Beck, Dagny, Marmozets, Zak Abel and many more)
  • my recommendations on this blogs (usually two posts a day)
  • my alphabetically ordered ‘best of the best’ playlist Werner’s Weekly (updated each Monday morning; you can listen to the tracks through the Werner’s Weekly player in the sidebar)

Below, you’ll find the latest edition of Werner’s Weekly. Each link reveals more information about the respective track. Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion!


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