Werner’s Weekly (week 50)

The year may slowly come to an end, the stream of great new music certainly doesn’t!

Throughout the year I’ve gradually been filling my 2017 container playlist Carte Blanche Music with the best just-released tracks, and last week I had no problem adding another bunch of new songs worthy of your undivided attention. In the past seven days only, Belle & Sebastian, Haerts, Manic Street Preachers, Turin Brakes and The Wombats were among the ones who joined the ever growing club of top tunes this year produced so far. I’m already looking forward to the last two weeks, and beyond!

But first: the crème de la crème of new releases, combined in Werner’s Weekly. The tracks are below, the actual songs are in the Werner’s Weekly player in the sidebar and more info is behind each link. In less than 25 minutes you’ll be completely up to date!


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