Werner’s Weekly (week 9)

Last week, my container playlist Carte Blanche Music, with the best new music of 2017 so far, has been updated with tracks by The Amazons, Maggie Rogers, Nina June, Spoon and many others. But believe it or not, none of those great songs made my final selection of the very, very best tracks of the past seven days: Werner’s Weekly.

The ones that did make the cut, are listed below (in alphabetical order). Click on the links to read what I wrote about them when they first featured on this blog and if you want to listen to all six songs while reading about them, simply start the Werner’s Weekly Spotify player in the sidebar. You’ll be done in 20 minutes.

Obviously, the above titles are a selection of a selection, since I’m not able to write about all the tracks that I add to my container playlist. If you want to hear them all, or if you want to make your own selection, click on the image in the sidebar, which will open the complete Carte Blanche Music playlist on Spotify.


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