Who Parked The Car – Candle Dance

Who Parked The Car are eight schooled musicians from Paris, who only formed their band late last year. In only six monthsโ€™ time, they wrote and recorded their debut album Mad Weather, Good Friends. Set for release in Spring 2022, itโ€™s a collection of songs that blends pop, jazz and funk music. A record that sounds like a fiery jam session.

First single Candle Dance is a great example of what to expect. Itโ€™s rich, infectious and groovy, and almost impossible not to dance to. Lyrically, itโ€™s about not giving up. Even when the situation is really bad, things can get better if you stay positive. If you like bands like Brand New Heavies or early Jamiroquai (especially when playing live), this is for you. Talking of which: the music has been composed to be performed live and bring good energies to the audience.

The band consists of Thomas Salvatore (vocals, piano and keyboards), Laura Wamba (vocals), Sebastiรกn Muรฑoz (saxophone, flute), Fรฉlix Reneault (saxophone), Cรฉsar Aouillรฉ (guitar), Ludo Prieur (bass), Malo Ropers (percussions) and Alejandro Dixon (drums). The only thing we still donโ€™t know is: who parked the car?

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