Wildcard (week 1):
Pip Blom – I Can Be Your Man

27-year-old Amsterdam-based Pip Blom started writing, recording and releasing her own indie-pop tunes with a twist in 2016. She simply uploaded her early songs to the internet, where they quickly amassed thousands and thousands of plays. This prompted her to recruit a band and start playing them live. In stepped brother Tender Blom on backing vocals and guitar, Darek Mercks on bass and Gini Cameron on drums. Pip herself fronts the quartet on guitar and vocals.

Fast forward to 2023 2024, the band have played hundreds of gigs, honing their craft in a β€˜learning by doing’ way. They’ve risen from small pubs to the European festival circuit. Pip Blom performed at Glastonbury and Lolapalooza, to name but two.

Last year, Gini Cameron left the band to have her first baby. With no good replacement available, the remaining trio decided to start using a drum machine instead. With a light show attached to the backing track, they managed to find a proper alternative for Gini’s stage presence as well.

All of this tied in well with Pip Blom’s new sound, which had evolved into a more electronic direction. By consequence, synthesizers are an integral part of their third album Bobbie. I Can Be Your Man is the fifth single off that record. It has already been picked up by the band’s loyal fans at BBC Radio 6music. It’s one of the album cuts with the guitars more prominently in the mix (like in the ol’ days). The synths add a retro feel to it. All in all, it’s a tune that will appeal to Pip Blom fans old and new, potentially making it the band’s biggest hit.

I Can Be Your Man by Pip Blom is the new Carte Blanche Music Wildcard. This implies that it will be prominently displayed at the top of the blog for an entire week.

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