Wildcard (week 10):
Indigo – Distant Lullaby

Indigo are a London-based foursome, including Johann Meux, Matteo Dell’Unto, Tom Horton, and Arran Birks. Here is how the band came together, according to their bio: β€˜After we met at the summit of Everest in 2017, the drummer accidentally poured his tea flask on the bassist, so we had a massive fight, fell off the stupid mountain and landed in London.’ Uh-huh… πŸ˜‰

There isn’t much serious information to be found about Indigo actually, apart from the announcement they will release their first EP next spring. And to make their intentions crystal clear, it’s going to be called the Please Sign Us To Your Label EP.

I think Indigo’s debut single Distant Lullaby is a fabulous pop song, and a possible future summer hit. So, I’d be surprised if they wouldn’t have labels knocking on their door any time soon! For now, I’m proud to announce the track is this week’s Carte Blanche Music Wildcard!

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