Wildcard (week 10):
Iris Gold – Crushed Velvet

I donโ€™t have to tell you that nowadays, the amount of new artists and tracks is huge. On the one hand thatโ€™s great; if youโ€™re open-minded and not afraid to listen to totally unknown acts or songs, you might very well stumble upon a new personal favourite. On the other hand, itโ€™s easier than ever to overlook a great act or fantastic song. In that respect, I ask myself how itโ€™s possible I didnโ€™t come across the brilliant Iris Gold before?

Irisโ€™ career finally took off in 2015, after a long and not too successful run-up. She was offered record deals, but she didnโ€™t sign when she felt she had to make too many compromises. Which was almost every time. Free from restraints and restrictions, she made a debut album that was truly her own. This record, Planet Cool, was a tribute to diversity and to staying true to yourself, no matter the cost.

Since some time, Iris Gold collaborates with David A. Stewart, of Eurythmics fame. He co-wrote and produced her new single Crushed Velvet. Sounding like a hard-hitting version of Funky Town, itโ€™s a song Lenny Kravitz would kill for.

The singer says about her new single: โ€œThe world can be crazy sometimes and sometimes all the time. With this song i guess i can offer you 2 min. of escape to a carefree purple planet. A headbangers ball for yaโ€™ll.โ€

As far as Iโ€™m concerned, Gold will strike platinum with this one. Just like her latest single Piece Of Mine two months ago, Crushed Velvet is the Carte Blanche Music Wildcard. This means itโ€™ll feature at the top of the blog for a full seven days.

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